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Is there a secure cloud?

Good day! I'm paranoid. I have nothing to hide, however, I would very much wish that someone had access to my data, at least to the media. Is there such decentralized storage(the cloud)? Icloud is checked. Google drive - checked. They themselves in their terms of use they write about it, though, and say that the data in t...
elwyn.Bahringer asked April 19th 20 at 12:21

Where and how to store many GB of images for the website?

There is a service where users upload their photos and images. The size of the site has already expanded to 200 GB of space on the server will be over soon. What exactly this site does not even pays the rent of the server. The question arose, how and where to move all the images to be stored separately from the website? It ...
Cassie_Lesch20 asked April 18th 20 at 13:10

How to change the value if art mania is unable to cope?

Before playing GTA I artmania prescribed their money, etc. Asked the question, is it possible to do the same, but with the game which I downloaded through the microsoft store itself on windows 10? Downloaded ArtMoney, start the game, but I don't see this game, see, but can not find my desired values in memory (the first sca...
Dereck93 asked April 18th 20 at 13:08

What is the correct SWAP size set with 24 Gb RAM + SSD? Or disable SWAP using only RAM?

Hi habrovany! I read on the Internet different opinions about which swap file to set whether to disable it where it is placed – and what can you say about this the experts Habra? The opinion of one expert: On account of the optimal size of the paging file there are different versions. I will Express my point of view on thi...
angelina asked April 18th 20 at 13:07

After the archive type .zip is a text, which can't open the archive, how to get him back in normal form?

Downloaded and name after .zip is another point and text, something like: Help to return the files to normal, tried to remove the console and leave only .zip, but the archive does not open, writes: the compressed (zipped) folder is empty, although the weight of the archive visible - 1GB. Help unzip this miracle...
Remington.Bechtelar51 asked April 18th 20 at 12:40

How to create a cluster minio in ansible?

Trying to deploy to 3 servers with 4 disks on each test cluster minio in the Docker, and one the "master" container minio will be used for the "normal" containers Do it with ansible - wrote playbook and the role On each server doing - name: run minio node docker_container: image: minio/minio:edge name: minio state: start...
enos_Murp asked April 18th 20 at 12:37

What is to store information about assigned ip addresses?

Our organization is engaged in delivery to the tenants of white ip addresses and telephone numbers. Now the whole thing is stored in excel files(just don't throw stones). Tell me any system to merge the data and useful views. For example in the form of a card of the tenant and all data issued by ip, phone number and other s...
christiana.Feest asked April 18th 20 at 12:33

How to store html snippets in a running mongodb mongoose?

How to store html in mongodb? If stored as a string, then when displaying on the front in the browser html to be displayed as a regular string, and then how to properly store, what type to use in the schema?
Lurline.Raynor46 asked April 18th 20 at 12:19

What standards and technologies are best to use for home server storage proxmox'e?

The house is the server on which proxmox is 6 and a working dev. Decided to use the server as intended, the first of the home PC took 3.5 disk 6 TB (because of the loud noise, leaving only the SSD) which was a library of steam toys, movies and personal files (work, pictures, etc.). Also found the 2.5 drives with 1 TB and 4 ...
kade.Lemke57 asked April 18th 20 at 12:14

10 gigs.What could it be for file hosting?

I apologize in advance , I don't know which tags to pick up Subject: 10 gigs apparently plain text files? I'm carrying him, but I'm interested in your assumption that this theory can be and is it necessary? On the website there are parsers that can be they?
jessica63 asked April 18th 20 at 12:13