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How to pull a variable from the log line syslog-ng?

How to make the message:Jun 17 17:38:02 server2.test nginx: - [17/Jun/2019:17:38:02 +0300] UNIX-TIME-1560782282.938 "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 fell into file at path /var/log/test.EN/nginx_ac.log ? Ie the point is that in we a domain name (in this case the log was in a folder named domain name ? Dom...
Joel37 asked March 24th 20 at 09:59

Zentralisierung syslog server, and further analysis of collected data?

Hello, in General with the rise of centralized log server is no problem. I would like to learn than to disassemble to organize these logs, and to send notifications. looked OSSIM but he was too heavy. I would be grateful if anyone can share their experience Thank you
jarret_Swaniawski asked October 9th 19 at 17:09

FreeBSD Jail: the best option to store logs centrally?

Currently I use a schema with syslog-ng on the host. On jail machines to syslog.conf the only entry - "*.* @logsrv". But this scheme is not suitable for collecting logs of apache with many virtual hosts, besides collecting logs over udp within a single iron of the server is somehow not very. There was an option to mount usi...
Brendon.Wilderm asked September 25th 19 at 23:58

How to set logging file transfer via SFTP Cygwin?

At the moment the log authentication information, and would also like to receive information about when and what was uploaded/deleted. In /etc/sshd_config spelled out: SyslogFacility LOCAL5 LogLevel INFO In C:\cygwin64\etc\syslog-ng\syslog-ng.conf source s_local { system(); internal(); }; source s_network { (udp); }; d...
Lourdes41 asked August 12th 19 at 17:06

How to exclude from the syslog-ng output of any program?

Greetings to all. Neither in man nor in Google not found information about how to exclude from the exhaust or any app. For example: conky kicks every second of amixer for the volume level and this is reflected in the log. There is a possibility to filter or only at /dev/null(there will be no output in conky) ?
Kaelyn5 asked June 8th 19 at 16:38
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