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What to do if you are running Virtualbox on deepin mistake?

When I run it on Virualbox the latest version of Deepin-a (Although, all latest stable versions) mistake 228, th ie window: Then: Help to solve it.
darien_Schuli asked April 16th 20 at 11:07

Why slows down the virtual machine interface?

Greetings, comrades! Is laptop Intel Core i5, 8 GB of memory. Why might it be such a problem - there is Windows 7 basic is optimized. The memory consumption of 700 MB. VM - 7 ultimate and Linux Ubuntu 16. Both cars brake, although memory is allocated 6 GB. Stupid app even though the guest OS consumes no more than 30% of the...
ethel.Doyle asked April 9th 20 at 09:56

How to organize optimal performance of virtual machines?

Good day! Computer characteristics: Motherboard "ASRock Extreme4 X299" The "CPUIntelCore i9-9920x Socket 2066 3.5 Ghz 12 cores" The graphics card is "Gigabyte AMD Radeon RX 4Gb GDDR5 560" RAM 64Gb - 4 bar "Kingston Hyper X FURY 16Gb 3200MHz" with integrated radiator. Hard drive "Barracuda 1TB" Water cooling CPU "Iceberg 120...
wilhelmine_Kuhn asked April 8th 20 at 01:50

The most productive virtual machine for OS X. Virtualbox or Vmware?

Host win 7. What is the most efficient and optimized virtual machine for guest OS X (high sierra ) in 2020? Virtualbox or Vmware? For photoshop and sketch. Can the host change for speed? Specs: 16GB RAM, SSD, i-7700 Hackintosh is already there, if anyone will offer.
Alessia_Armstro asked April 7th 20 at 09:32

How to organize a portable (portable, mobile) development environment?

I recently reinstalled the OS on your computer and I had to re-install all IDE, photoshop, services, nodes, and so on. Then it all set up, downloading plugins, to understand that you don't remember where to find the license keys and so on Which means you can avoid all these settings and adjustments when you change OS or ma...
malinda.Ferry asked April 4th 20 at 14:21

Browser for sensitive information in a virtual machine, does it make sense?

I want to hear about the best way to work with sensitive information in the Internet (online shopping, banking, work accounts). Finally saw the light on the potentials of introducing into the executable code after reading blogs about disassembling, and further modification of almost any system files. Kind of like the most ...
Dejah.Schmeler asked April 4th 20 at 14:06

What OS the best way to increase web server on a virtual machine?

What OS the best way to increase web server on a virtual machine ? Interested to consider this question from the point of view of performance and easiness of maintenance.
josue81 asked April 4th 20 at 14:05

Artifacts on the monitor screen when installing Windows 10 guest OS in Proxmox. How to overcome?

Hello, gentlemen. Extracted the vBIOS the only system Intel integrated graphics 605 of UHD firmware UEFI motherboard and carried out a forwarding card to the inside of the path on Proxmox. When you start a new path, the image on the monitor screen has been successfully (without specifying the vBIOS file in the configuration...
Jazlyn.Little asked April 4th 20 at 12:45

KVM qcow2 disk falloc or metadata server on SSD?

Somewhere I heard/read that the disk qcow2 created by metadata gives slow performance when populating it with data at values close to the maximum. Or reduce the free space of the host system virtualname. Something like fragmentation, which is not seen, but strongly felt. For SSDS fragmentation issues did not seem to exist....
velva_Nad asked April 4th 20 at 12:20

Error when creating a virtual machine in Oracle VM VirtualBox "winhvplatform.dll"?

OC: Windows 10 x64 CPU: i7-7700 PS Just noticed, says that the function is disabled in the BIOS?
cristian.Halvors asked April 4th 20 at 00:50