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Do you need WYSIWYG BBcode editor?

Welcome all abrollsoftware. Now continue work on their BBCode WYSIWYG editor — WysiBB. Work not so long ago, but sometimes uncertain, and whether? I would like to ask you if you need a visual editor, BB codes or my work particularly useless? Whether this project is really useful?
deondre.Schaefer asked October 3rd 19 at 18:11

Why does not upload images to the server wysibb?

Initialize wysibb 1.5.1 ( so:var wbbOpt = { buttons: "bold,italic,underline,|,justifyleft,justifycenter,justifyright,|,link,img,|,", lang: "EN", imgupload: true, img_uploadurl: "/iupload.php", img_maxwidth: 1024, img_maxheight: 1024, } $("#editor").wysibb(wbbOpt); But the button "Insert image", open vs...
nicklaus.Will asked September 18th 19 at 22:34

How to convert html text to bbcode on wysiBB?

Came across this project. But have 1 neponyatka. When you first edit the text refer to server generated html code. But if you want to edit the code, then WYSIWYG't want the html to convert to human-readable form.
Katharina33 asked August 2nd 19 at 16:51

Why encoding in WYSIBB wrong?

Moved the site from one host to another, and there was such Transferred by JS in Windows-1251 but still. The plugin was taken from here: How to fix this problem?UPD: Transferred to the browser encoding to UTF-8 and everything fell into place, but I have a website entirely in Windows-1251
Mohamed.Funk asked July 31st 19 at 14:27
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