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The key from UEFI to traverse in the virtual machine really?

Is the laptop with the Windows license. Then switched to Kubuntu, set up virtualization, moved Windows to a virtual machine, but it requires a key. Did booting via GRUB and the VHD The key is, but I want to work from the new path. Poke me if there's a solution.
maybell18 asked March 31st 20 at 22:07

The project xcp-ng a good analogue XenServer 6.2?

Hi, need to transfer a small infrastructure to a new hypervisor (the new OS refuse to adequately rise to xenserver 6.2) There are two blades c7000 G8 from the front. Is required as simple in maintenance solution (and free). Would like to hear does anyone have experience with xcp-ng, and can I put it and easy to deploy the ...
Roel_Jacobi asked March 31st 20 at 21:28

Virtualization: 1 large virtual server based on 2x (or more) real

Good afternoon, connoisseurs question: what technology (or even just buzzwords) you know to create 2 (or more) real servers 1 large server? for example: there are 2 servers with 32GB of memory. need to do 1 with 50GB. the rest is fine under other virtual machines. Thank you :)
tessie.Au asked October 14th 19 at 10:55

the simplest web-manager for xen and kvm

Hi all. Dug in the zoo admins for UPRAVLENIE hosts xen\kvm Please tell me the easiest web interface for this? Desirable: — a minimum of dependencies minimum initial configuration — ability to create new VM and if it's still on python it will be all happiness. tested: — nimbus (a lot of dependencies) — XenWebManager (...
Lolita_Gerho asked October 10th 19 at 12:54

Windows and Ubuntu Server on the same computer?

Needs to be done on the same computer server on Ubuntu and a home computer for gaming under Windows. The server will be spinning different files that should not lose much in performance when you carry them in the virtual world. car. On Windows CUDA is supposed to work and just modern 3D games. Whether really such to raise i...
Madalyn_Hagenes83 asked October 10th 19 at 12:52

Xen vs OpenVZ vs KVM on its own dedicated server (Debian)

Plan to take a dedicated server on intel i7 and think to make a virtual environment in Debian for several of my web sites. For example, to raise several tomcatv, to be able to reload/refresh only the desired websites, instead of all at once. Also make separate Wirth. a machine for a python site. Also need to be able to per...
Madalyn_Hagenes83 asked October 10th 19 at 12:51

Xen Cloud Platfrom

The question is: How to implement HA on XCP 1.0? I am sure there must be a method that is similar to what citrix did! Can anyone have any example scripts? or something like that? And finally, which GUI can you recommend? They do a lot, unfortunately not the time to try each.
gilberto_Abbo asked October 10th 19 at 12:19

What version of Xen to use with Debian 5 dom0?

REP offers standard xen 3.2 Is it worth it to fool with compiling and testing later, the 3rd branch to use in production? In principle, I for Xenu to run only Windows.
Delbert.Greenholt61 asked October 10th 19 at 11:13

BSD + Xen Dom0 + convenient volume management?

I understand Dom0 from BSD systems can only NetBSD? Haven't found any information on DragonFlyBSD. Can anyone know how things are there? Ideally of course I would like to raise Dom0 on my beloved Milli and it is convenient to control the volumes using ZFS. But frja does not keep Dom0 as NetBSD ZFS does not hold. Some kind o...
Lola56 asked October 10th 19 at 06:31

Control panel virtualname

Advise what the socket is good. What is available now. Single server: Debian Squeeze + Xen 4.0.1 and the path on it. Is the whole thing from one provider. Provider presses the IPS, so NAT and port forwarding. To automate the creation of virtuallock boiled DHCP. Configuration files of virtuallock eat a special option for po...
Lola56 asked October 10th 19 at 04:08