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Use yate for call centers?

Gentlemen, has anyone tried to deploy call centers based in yate? How it behaves, what are its pitfalls?
Osborne_Lowe asked October 8th 19 at 02:43

Yet Another Telephony Engine freeswitch, you can control the desktop phone?

Mean to call, to put the dial and TP?
quinten22 asked September 26th 19 at 15:18

How to configure Yate for sip proxy?

Hello! Please help with setting up yate for, like, a simple proxy. There is a Telecom operator Rostelecom, they are through a physical communication channel to us, call on SIP via the vlan, but need a channel to SIP PBX in the cloud, i.e. on our side to put a sip proxy and give outside (allowed addresses), their sip and alr...
Rodolfo_Thompson10 asked September 4th 19 at 11:39

Automatic connection of two subscribers — Asterisk or Yate?

Colleagues, there is a need to implement one service, the following functionality: 1. User (pre-suregery, data are available for email and phone), among other information on the website finds the appropriate organization to him and wants to contact her... (the number of company as well known and is in the database) 2. See t...
joey_Sauer asked August 19th 19 at 17:34

Where to find the documentation for YATE?

Good afternoon. Trying to figure out in yate. While reading, but the information is too little. Joke about what "documentation for yate lot, but it's all in c++" you can not joke, I already know her) To configure a simple routing will be enough, but I would like more details. Maybe someo...
ray_Sta asked June 27th 19 at 19:52
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